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Vegetarianism / Veganism

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Vegetarianism / Veganism
The concepts of vegetarianism and veganism are closely related. Vegetarianism defines abstinence from taking meat and some by-products of slaughtered animals. People choose this practice for various reasons. Individuals who practice vegetarianism are called vegetarians. On the other hand, veganism entails strict abstinence from using animal products and also rejecting the use of animals as a commodity (Craig 1627). Vegans aim at conserving the dignity of animals, and they do not accept that humans should use animals in whichever way for their selfish gains. This paper evaluates various aspects surrounding veganism and vegetarianism.
Comparison Between Veganism and Vegetarianism
Vegetarianism is a dietary practice that would exclude the consumption of meat from the foods that people consume. In contrast, veganism is a compassionate lifestyle and a philosophy, and it eliminates any use of animals either for clothing, food or in any other way. Vegetarians do not eat fish or meat. However, most would consume dairy products, and others will eat eggs. On the contrary, vegans will not consume any animal products (Craig 1627). They will not even take honey or wear clothes made of wool, leather, or fur. These are products that vegetarians would not mind using or consuming.
Foods That Vegetarians and Vegans Eat
As the name suggests, vegetarians would consume food derived from plants (Le & Sabaté 2132). These include nuts, grains, vegetables, and fruits. N…

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