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Using state assesments

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Using state assesments

Category: Article Review

Subcategory: Education

Level: College

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Regardless of the United States, having the fastest growth of public schools with ELLS is not a guarantee that they dominate the performance in school. According to Eschevaria (2008) majority of the students enrolled in national public schools from diverse and linguistically diverse setups have fallen behind Caucasian students in terms academic mastery. This is not true because all students have equal opportunities when it comes to education.
Eschavaria (2008) is trying to look down upon the students who do not use English as their first language. He is trying to show that they cannot fit and perform well in school as compared to the ELLS who have a better understanding of the instructing language. It is very clear that the education set up has not taken this matter seriously and the affected students have continued to suffer and their performance to deteriorate especially when it comes to mathematics and reading skills. This blame still is directed to the authority or education administration because they do not give proper and adequate training to the teachers who handle these students. It should be noted that no child or an individual who is special when it comes to quality education. Therefore, the programs should be developed in a way that equity is practiced and there is no segregation of the minority students because they have ability to perform in a better way than even those given first priority or highly acknowledged. If only the government can stop wasting resources, conducting research on why the affected students are failing and lacking proficiency in English, it should deploy these resources, in training teachers in a better manner, thus they can have a clear understanding of these students and give them the best in terms of the syllabus set up.

The teachers need to distinguish between students with learning special learning needs. As they come from different background where they are affected by local dialect and they cannot express themselves well in front of their colleagues due to fear of being laughed at or intimidated. It, therefore, calls for the teacher to motivate them so that they fit as fast as possible in these kind of environment so that they can interact in a healthy way with their peers. The teachers should have it in mind that these students have a language they are very fluent with and they are just trying to learn a second language.
The metacognitive factors should be used in teaching to bring a change. These factors are preplans for learning, learning strategies selections, strategy monitoring and evaluation of the strategies employed. According to research, there is evidence that after six years of training, most students with a different first language do not reach a fluent level. The problem perceived in this case is not based on the teachers’ ability to deliver as data tries to explain rather it is a result of poor curriculum set up where there is no rich strategies applied to take care of any anomalies that maybe encountered in the process of teaching. The fact here is that there is a gap between the Caucasian students and the culturally linguistically students. This gap will always remain unless there is something done to take care of the situation and without undermining the minority students who whose local dialect is not English and by so doing will create equality in education.
Echevarria, J. (2008). Making standards-based lessons understandable for English learners: The SIO model. Center for Research on the Educational and Achievement and Teaching of English Language Learners. Berkley.

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