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using machine learning to measure advertising campaign effctivness

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using machine learning to measure advertising campaign effctivness

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Use of Machine Learning in Advertising Campaign
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Advertising of products remains the critical approach adopted by marketers in sensitizing the targeted market on the respective product or service that they sell to the customers. It is ideal to measure and determine the efficiency of advertising mechanisms utilized by the individual business. In the current world of marketing, for instance, the use of social network has remained the primary advertising approach being used. The successfulness of an advertising campaign depends on the eloquent use of the generated data which describes the market trends of the respective business typically. In this document, the primary purpose is to measure the advertising campaign effectiveness by the use of machine learning. In particular, the focus will be on the appropriateness of the AIDA model and the social media analytics. Therefore, the paper will outline how the two objects can provide a mechanism for understanding a given advertising campaign effectiveness in regards to the online data.

Use of Machine Learning in Advertising Campaign
In the current advanced computing segment, knowledge development and management have led to the realization of various concepts. Machine learning is a model of artificial intelligence (AI). It is primarily defined with the role of allowing software applications to accurately predict specific outcomes within a given context without having exp…

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