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USA Men Soccer Team Taking more Money than Women Soccer Team

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USA Men Soccer Team Taking more Money than Women Soccer Team
Women engagement in sport is associated with a long history. Ideally, the history is marked by discrimination and division. Besides, the history is filled with key accomplishments with important advances and female athletes for the empowerment of girls and women and gender equality. Gender inequality in soccer needs to be addressed to grasp the complete potential for soccer as a pathway for empowerment and gender equality of girls and women (Oglesby 13). The USA men soccer team is found to take a lot of money compared to the women soccer team despite women winning the additional trophy.
It is more than 50 years when the United States approved Equal Pay law. However, women get less pay compared to men counterparts in most areas performing similar tasks. For example, five women and members of the United States women soccer team filed a wage bias practice against the United States Soccer Federation (Thomson 1). The women indicated that they were the top in the planet and still the men soccer got paid more than they got paid after winning main championships. In essence, the pay for both US men soccer team and their women counterparts has been structured differently.
The United States women soccer team is ranked the best in the world. The US women soccer team has remained a remarkable threat and has dominated the international women team for the pas…

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