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Category: Assignment

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After the United States’ civil war, there was an industrial revolution that greatly contributes in the urbanization of the United States. It also helped in shaping the economy since the industrialization generated a lot of income and revenue.
Urbanization can be described as a shift of population to the urban areas from the rural areas. It is an increase that is gradual in the proportion of the people that are living in the urban areas. It predominantly leads to a growth that is physical in the urban areas. The industrial revolution refers to the period in which new processes of manufacturing products were developed. The revolution established more dramatic transformations in the society. The agricultural revolution greatly contributed to the industrial revolution. That is because it influenced the landless people to move to the towns in order to get employed thus earning their wages. These people helped in providing the labor force that was needed in the manufacturing towns that were expanding at a high rate.
Aspects that influenced the economy, society, and politics
Technology: After the civil war, mane advancements were made in technology. Some of the advancements could help in making most of the work easier and that was very important since it helped a lot in the industrialization thus creating a good economy for the United States (Grant, 1973 p12).
Entrepreneurship: With the agricultur…

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