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University Admissions Supplemental Essay

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University Admissions Supplemental Essay

Category: Admission Essay

Subcategory: Biology

Level: College

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Words: 275

My Passion for Research
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My Passion for Research
My love for new ideas and perspectives invoked the desire to become a researcher. I learned the need for patience and the role that it plays toward molding a proper researcher while working as an intern with the DEP Green Infrastructure Program. The project assists in reducing surface runoff from entering the city’s sewer system. In my most recent research encounter, my lab instructor, Donna and I prepared fertilizer solutions for two hundred soil samples. The experiment determined the number of available nutrients in the soils that could in turn help to determine the appropriate nutrient management plan required. Even though it was a lengthy procedure, I must admit that I enjoyed the involving task that also involved constructing a dual cycle to reduce the time required to complete each batch of soil samples needed for the experiment.
Because of the experience and burning desire to further my research experience, I intend to share the experience with my peers at the university. While working on the project, I also had the opportunity to share my experience with new interns on the research practice. Thus, my objective is to ensure that my peers understand and acknowledge science as a fundamental discipline that is essential to the survival of individuals. As evident from the research, determining the proper nutrient combination for the soil samples would be vital in ensuring the…

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