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unit 6

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unit 6

Category: Critical Essay

Subcategory: Calculus

Level: High School

Pages: 4

Words: 1100

Government’s Role during Disaster

Interpretation of Sources
Pollution has been a topic of contentious debate; hence, the reason for the formulation of the 7th MDG on environmental sustainability. The government plays an essential role in setting up mitigation measures to prevent and/or minimize the effects of a disaster. The government is considered as the governing body of any nation; hence, it is mandated with the responsibility of ensuring that its citizens’ standards of living are worthwhile. In the first source whose focus is on understanding the environment from a survey point of view, the government has several arms that act as stewards of preserving the environment. The government endorses the adoption of technology to prevent indoor pollution. In The same way, the government should continuously seek novel ways to prevent pollution. The developing countries are still grappling with indoor pollution that isn’t a high concern for the developed states. Thereby, governments in developing states should emulate and adopt feasible technologies that can work in their individual states. In addition, it educates its citizens on the use and integration of the new technology in their daily lives. The children are epitomized as the leaders of tomorrow and the fact that they value education means that the government should ensure all children go to school. Hopefully, these future leaders will devise more effective and efficient ways of handling pollu…

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