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unit 2 assignment

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unit 2 assignment

Category: Article Review

Subcategory: Composition

Level: College

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Words: 275

Data Breach Media
The article titled “Survey Shows Surprisingly High Number of Breaches via Mobile” was authored by Kelly Jackson Higgins who works for “DarkReading.com”. She talks about organizational data attacks and takes number views of various data security firms including Verizon, Lookout, and Alcatel. Consequently, all these organizations have diverse opinions; some agree that mobile gadgets are the most targeted in information breaches while some disagree. Also, the author accompanies her work by statistical results obtained by studies done by the security organizations.
A new study released by IDG/Lookout shows a turn of events when the results reveal that mobile devices could be aiding hackers in executing data breaches. Equally, the study shows that the handheld devices constitute about 74% of the total cyber crime. The firm supports their argument by saying that the mobile devices are highly susceptible since they often connect wirelessly. The research comes a period after Verizon released a report that was quite the contrary. The study showed that mobile phones could not form such a big percentage. On the other hand, Alcatel maintains that Windows PCs constitute the highest composition of all information network thus the biggest contributor to data infections. Meanwhile, another security firm Damballa released their findings summing up the debate. They explained that of all possible data theft media, mobile devices come last.
In the final analysis, …

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