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Understanding Diversity

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Understanding Diversity

Category: Coursework

Subcategory: Communication

Level: University

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Words: 275

Understanding Diversity Assignment
Student’s Name
The one or two areas regarding understanding or managing diversity in which I am most strong are:
I have developed the understanding that significant differences exist across diversities and learning to respect them. I have been able to appreciate the existence of diversity through accepting the culture of other people (Janasz et al., 2015). I have also learned to accord equal treatment to people regardless of their cultural diversity. In such context, I have been able to maintain normal relationships with diverse friends and colleagues.
The one or two areas of understanding or managing diversity in which I need more improvement are:
I need to learn to accept the challenges that other people experience when dealing with diverse groups. I’m often upset when people treat me differently for being from a different culture (Janasz et al., 2015). I have also had conflicts with people that do not view diversity as a positive existence but as a base of differentiation. As a result, I have had a hard time relating to people that have problems understanding diversity as well as those that do not appreciate the same.

If I did only one thing to improve in this area, it would be:
To improve my ability to accept the problems that other people have with diversity, I need to interact with more diverse people (Janasz et al., 2015). Diverse interactions would expose me to the challenges. It would also give me a chanc…

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