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Understanding and working with diverse others

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Understanding and working with diverse others

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Understanding and Working With Diverse Others
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Understanding and Working with Diverse Others
Inclusivity is a crucial concept for business success in the modern world. Companies today acknowledge the importance of diversity by hiring people from different backgrounds and optimizing the abilities of various personnel. The concept of diversity has become especially vital due to the internationalization of businesses. According to De Janasz, Dowd, and Schneider (2014), diverse workforce assures companies of improved interactions with clients, better corporate culture, and expanding access to the shifting marketplace. Despite the myriad benefits associated with diversity, some people experience personal obstacles to accepting inclusivity at the workplace. Some common barriers to valuing diversity include stereotypes, prejudice, discrimination, backlash, ethnocentrism, and harassment (De Janasz, Dowd, & Schneider, 2014). Businesses can tackle these problems by strengthening both leadership and management, improving communication, and conducting global diversity conferences.
For the past four years, MasterCard has maintained its position in the top fifty companies that have embraced diversity globally. The company believes in inclusivity as the driving force for improved decision-making, better acumens, and products. Notably, MasterCard welcomed a unique diversity project involves the recru…

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