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Category: Coursework

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Difference between UMN and LNM
Neurons are brain cells responsible for transmitting information to other parts after processing. The cerebral cortex generates the Upper Motor Neurons. From there, the signal moves to other parts of the body. They also convey the data to the Lower Motor Neurons. The brain stem produces the latter, and they receive data from the upper neurons. Another difference is that the UMN forms a pyramidal-like structure. The LNM exists in the cranial nerves on some of the horn cells. They are responsible for providing muscles with information for the proper functioning of the body (Andrew, 2011).
When to Consult Occupational Therapist.
Occupational therapists work with people having disabling conditions to help them resume their normal functioning. My current area of practice is working in a nursing home with patients with different disabilities and injuries. Some of the disorders arising from neuron failure have no cure but require maintenance for the patient to improve. That makes it necessary to consult an occupational therapist for the assessment. The therapist’s work is to devise ways in which the patients can function in another way other than the normal one and carry on with his or her daily activities as usual.
Relation of UMN/LMN to Occupational Therapy Clinical Practice
With the use of daily activities to help patients improve, occupational therapists in clinical pract…

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