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Uber Business Practices

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Uber Business Practices

Category: Coursework

Subcategory: Ethics

Level: College

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Uber Business Practices
Uber Business Practices
The Corporate Social Responsibility is the initiatives that are put in place by the corporations with the intention of not only assessing but also taking responsibilities regarding their influence on social and environmental well-being (Preuss, 2013). In most of the cases, Uber has been blamed for undermining the essence of the corporate social responsibility. It is because it has been linked with various controversies that include using technology to evade regulations and authorities. Other contentions are listing their drivers as independent contractors rather than employees and handling the finances from the investors to eliminate competition (Wolsen, 2014, July 8). Therefore, it can be argued that Uber is making right the concept of the utilitarian ethics to ensure that they survive regardless of the cost.
The principal Uber shareholders include the drivers, the users, and the investors. Uber Company survives by eliminating competition and providing a platform where drivers can access clients more conveniently. However, Uber is becoming more suitable for both the drivers and clients. As for the drivers, Uber provides a platform that makes their work more flexible. On the other side, Uber provides the client with cheap and reliable transportation services. From the utility test, the shareholders that benefit from the strategy of using the investors’ money as a means of keeping the prices low are t…

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