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Types of Sports Fans

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Types of Sports Fans

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There are different degrees to fandom in sports; a section of sports fans can be passive cheering their favorite team without being affected by the results. There are violent fans that are hurting or celebrating from a result of a match. This paper illuminates different categories of sports fans based on certain characteristics.
They are known to have a favorite sports team or even teams.
They are acquainted with the names of the star players in the teams, and that perhaps culminates their knowledge of their favorite teams.
A casual sports fan may avoid watching a poor performance by the team, and instead walk out of the stadium prematurely or when at home they switch to another channel.
The real sports fans are modest when following their favorite teams, as they are known to make the efforts in watching all their games.
They know every detail of their favorite team and probably those of their opponents.
They have a deep knowledge on the standings and other historical statistics that relate to their favorite teams.
They constantly spend their income on their favorite teams merchandise and tickets and are the source of information that pertains to their favorite teams when sought from their close quarters.
Indeed, part of their lives revolves around sports, and in particular, their favorite teams.
These fans go to stadiums to watch their favorite team, and engage in activities that include face painting, and wearing atrocious gears that clearly mark the place of their favorite teams in their hearts.
They are loud and support their favorite teams at the expense of work or family.
They are violent and often haul objects to the opposing fans when disappointed by the performance of their teams.
Certain characteristics merit grouping sports fans into the three categories. The characteristics affirm a sports fan into the groups as a mild supporter, a diehard supporter and a wild supporter of sports or a specific sports team.

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