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types of lies people tell

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types of lies people tell

Category: Capstone Project

Subcategory: Calculus

Level: High School

Pages: 1

Words: 275

Types of Lies People Tell
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Types of Lies People Tell
Product promotion and advertisement are the current trends in the world of business. Marketing departments of every firm keep updated about the latest catching phrases and convincing language that that can convince customers to buy their products (Denny, 2013). The paper shall outline some of the common lies that business people tell customers in the name of marketing their products and services.
It is common to find the phrase “Spending is health and makes you happy” by most business premises. This phrase is very misguiding especially for children related products where people spend anyhow without close consideration. Some marketers use the phrase, “Quality is objective.” The negative side of these misguiding words is that customers may follow the idea of smell and taste without considering the negative impacts of the product (Nancarrow, Brace & Wright, 2001). Additionally, some people use the words, “Taste fresh” when talking about harmful products such as tobacco. Customers are lured easily into buying the products without remembering the real impacts of the products.
The other common phrase that people lie is the phrase, “It does what they say it does.” Most drug related products are attached to such a phrase to convince buyers who do not think beyond their heads. Some people keep lying how tak…

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