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Types of books you read (adventure, mysterious or fiction and non-fictional.

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Types of books you read (adventure, mysterious or fiction and non-fictional.

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Level: High School

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Types of books you read
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There are three types of books that we normally read. The books can be classified into adventure, mysterious or fiction, and non-fictional books. Reading becomes so interesting and addictive when we settle for reading and enjoying the favorite books and interesting stories. The overwhelming interest developed on reading these books creates an immense understanding of the content as well as sharpening our command in English. Different people enjoy reading different kinds of literature but for me, I will go with the three that I have mentioned. Different books also have a different storyline, style as well as several other literary differences.
Some of the books that we read can be classified as an adventure. They are the genre of fiction and exciting undertaking that involves risk as well as physical danger, forming the main storyline. An adventure is a series of events happening outside of the course of an ordinary life of a protagonist and normally associated with danger. They move quickly, and their stories have been popular subjects in the world of literature. Stories of adventure normally overlap with other genres such as crime novels, war novels, sea stories, spy stories, fantasy, science fiction and westerns. Even though adventure stories presume the setting of these genres, the first-placed plot of these stories focuses on the hero’s action within the setting. Some of these stories are; Star W…

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