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Two national or international figures from an important time in history

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Two national or international figures from an important time in history

Category: Informative Essay

Subcategory: History

Level: College

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Alexander the great

Alexander the great is an ancient Greek military commander of the kingdom of Macedon. History has it that Alexander never lost in battle and is considered the greatest military commander of all time. He succeeded his father, King Philip II, at the tender age of 20. His actual title is Alexander III, but the name ‘Alexander the great’ was borne of his great victories in battle. After his father’s assassination and his ascendancy to the throne, he inherited a strong army and continued his father’s project of conquering Persia. He successfully achieved this through a series of battles that proved decisive. He continued with his conquest of the world until his troops demanded that they go back (Arrian, 2013).
Alexander left a legacy after his death that included cultural diffusion and the spread of the Greek culture all over the world. He also founded twenty cities that bear his name. He continues to influence the world as his military tactics are still taught in military academies, and successful military leaders often fancy comparing themselves to Alexander.

Peter the Great

Peter the Great, a Russian military leader ruled Russia in the 18th century, from 1721-1725. His actual title was Peter I. He led Russia in a number of successful wars and expanded the empire, that was referred at the time as ‘Tsardom.’ He revolutionized several sectors of the Russian economy, and many present Russian institutions trace their origins to him. He led a cultur…

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