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Trojan war vs vietnam war

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Trojan war vs vietnam war

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Vietnam War versus Trojan War
Vietnam and Trojan War were two different tragedies that occurred in different periods of time. The two tragedies share many things in common like the brutality, senselessness and the way the army were treated went back to their various homelands as Vietnam War Bibliography (42) pointed out.
At the end of the Second World War, Japanese soldiers in Indochina handed over power to Vietnamese nationalist leading to the creation of independent government. The following month, a British force entered and occupied Indochina in southern Vietnam as explained by Brands. Washington committed itself to supporting the French, who had gained back some control over some parts of Vietnam because they threatened not to cooperate in Europe if U.S refused to accept their demands overseas. This was pointed out by Raaflaub (386).
The Trojan War too was also manipulated though in a different way. Strife threw a golden apple in the midst of the guest in a wedding Riggs presents this. Athena and Hera plotted to destroy Troy using Greece. Trojan War began this way and was manipulated by gods.
Both Vietnam and Trojan War led to killings of many several civilians resulting from cruel and brutal shown by attacking potencies. Gorman (140) explained that Vietnam War had estimated casualties of 1.5 million people while Trojan War had a great number of casualties that was not recorded for the entire city, children, men and women were kil…

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