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Triage nursing Revised

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Triage nursing Revised

Category: Coursework

Subcategory: Nursing

Level: University

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Drivers of High Performance in Triage Nursing
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Drivers of High Performance in Triage Nursing
Triage nursing plays a primary role in healthcare. Positive drivers of high-performance healthcare systems are essential in ensuring the prompt delivery of services to patients with critical health conditions such as injury. As such, quality is a paramount parameter that must be considered to provide the most appropriate care. Sometimes, the nurses find themselves in tough situations and have to assess the urgency of the different case and prioritize the treatment order of multiple patients who might be in seemingly equal danger (Ebrahimi et al., 2016). Performance in the emergency room and triage nursing, in general, can be driven by the quality of the assessment as well as availability or access. A discussion of how costs and access are essential in my current work situation bolsters the comprehension of the positive drivers of high performance in triage nursing.
The costs of triage nursing will determine whether the person that needs to be prioritized will be given timely and sufficient attention while the ones with less severe conditions can be placed in intermediate care programs as they wait for their turn. Usually, costs should be taken into account from the viewpoint of the consumers, and it is a constraining factor in my current work situation. Affordable costs necessitate the recovery of patients since there will be no…

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