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tragedy of commons revised

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tragedy of commons revised

Category: Critical Thinking

Subcategory: Philosophy

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Tragedy Of Commons
This is the term used when referring to a situation where individuals people behaving in their own self-interest which is contrary to the behavior of the others who are in the same group. This concept was brought about in the early 18th century by Lloyd, an economist who spoke about the effect of common land uncontrolled grazing methods. Commons on the other hand meant resources such as atmosphere ocean-fish stocks and energy. The tragedy of commons also has connections with suitable development that promotes economic growth and environmental balance as well as global warming. Not only that, the tragedy of commons as also been used to give behaviors in the field of anthropology, economics, politics, taxation and sociology.
According to Antigone Sophocles, book tragedy of common is depicted when the two brothers opposed themselves in the war which eventually leading to the death of both of them. The Thebes leader of decided not to bury the bodies and not to honor these bodies through their holy rites leaving these bodies to vultures to feed on in the wilderness (Sophocles & Reginald 22)
One of the sisters of the brothers who died named Antigone was not pleased with their ruler decision of not burying the bodies of their brothers this made him try to persuade her sister Ismene to agree to help her bury their brother that she quickly refused to agree. Ismene was afraid to violate their rulers orders that could lead to severe punishment in return of death penalty. Antigone in the other hand was not stopped by this move since she loved and decided to take the measure of burying his brother a move which made her be in anger with her sister Ismene. (Gibbon and Charles 28)
The Creon ruler in the other hand asked the Creon elders if it is to dispose of the body of Polyneice a move that was highly welcomed by the elders. When they realized that the body of Polyneices has been buried this led to emotional outbreak causing the elders to order for the death sentence to the culprits who were to be caught to have taken part in burying the body of Polynieces.
The sentry of the Creon then reported the incident that happens to their master that the sister to Polyneices was caught when she went to perform her ritual to the funeral of Polyneices. This made Creon be furious ordering for the arrest of Antigone, which in the hand did not deny what had happened, but he was frustrated d about the manner of the morality of his actions. Creon was very furious about what happened and this made him order for the death of Antigone, but her sister Ismene came to her rescue by confessing falsely to the crimes a move that made both the sisters to be imprisoned temporarily. (Reginald and Charles 36)
Haemon, the son of Creon, tried to speak to his father to let Antigone go in that in her the whole city was mourning for his release. This conversation did not bore fruit since Creon was not ready to go Antigone go from prison the conversation of the two did not bore fruit this led to the departure of Haemon vowing not to come back again to his father’s house. Creon then ordered the release of Ismene from the prison and he then commanded his soldiers to bury Antigone alive in the tomb after she refused the allegations of taking part in the burning her brother.
Tiresias the blind prophet told Creon to allow the body of Polyneices to be buried decently because the spirits could not attend to their devotions or else he will lose his son. By a crime of allowing Polyneices unburied and burying the body of Antigone alive. Creone then after listening to these bits of advice of the prophets, he then decided to free Antigone from the tomb where she was locked and bury the body of Polyneices. Quickly a messenger comes to Creon then reports the incident that had happened that Antigone had committed suicide in the tomb. Heamon and her mother were also available at this time this did cause Haemon to be furious and made him kill himself. Another messenger tells Creon that her wife has killed herself. Creon becomes furious and blamed himself for causing all this problems this not only brought sadness to him but also taught him a lesson that he should love and unit everybody irrespective of where their positions (Sophocles et al, 87).
In the other hand tragedy of commons is also expressed in the context how people control their economic activities on how they spend on their financial. This can be supported by the book of Working poor invisible in America it brings the dimension that in most people who have no good access to education and have no good financial marketing strategies are regardless to be working poor. In regardless to that, working poor people have a problem in handling their investment they make in that they can purchase the goods with the same money they bought the product from the market( Shipler & David K 154).
The working poor also lacks social and human capital they need to evade poverty and poor living conditions. They also face increased crime rate with this kind of crime level no one can care about each other in the community. In regardless to that, they also lack skills that can pull them out of poverty since they have no good educational background and even avenue of creating wealth.
Society, on the other hand, does not help them to escape from this kind of financial constraints, which they may acquire to be able to move away from poverty. Working poor are generally headed by single mothers since they are not in the position to find out an expensive work in their capacity this makes the mothers to go for low services that they are underpaid in this causes neglect of most of their family needs recurred by children to which promotes an increase in poverty. Single mothers in most countries generally cannot afford the cost of child day care this is because it is expensive to manage the family needs and the societal wants.
In most countries, for instance, the United States, the cost of childcare has increased while the production of goods is becoming inexpensive. The working poor will eventually spend a lot of their income for services they want to acquire in the society. In one case is the clothing companies who hire contractors that come with illegal immigrants. The contracts pay their employees with the low payment that eventually brings about the increase in the working poor since the wages a person receives is only not enough to meet his or her personal needs.
Most of the working poor families may acquire television and a cell phone these materials are considered very important to them. They also spend a lot of their income to purchase these items in order to tell people that they come from middle-class families.
The tragedy of commons is the way in which an individual may behave in a self-interest that is contrary to the expectations of his or her colleague feelings and emotions. However, in the 19th century, the Jews were facing oppression from both the Poland, Hungarian and Germanian government. Moshe, one of the Jew, was captured by the Hungarian government and taken to Poland, but he escaped from the hands of this enemies. When he arrived home, he told every Jew about the oppression they were facing in the hand of the Germanian government. The Jews, who had no permission to access restaurants during evening hours, were also required adorn in yellow stars throughout their errands.
The Jews were transferred to two ghettos each member was given his council the ghetto was fenced by the barbed wire .we then appointed a Jewish council, a police officer, social labor committee and a hygiene department. The obvious opinion and decision were that Jewish was to maintain being in the ghetto until the red army appears lost everything was not to remain as usual. However, it was neither the Germany nor Jews were running the Ghetto it was ruined by illusion.
When the public announcement was made in May 1944 that the ghetto was supposed to get closed immediately, Eleizer’s family were forced to migrate to the comparative smaller ghetto though they were not directed to the exact place of their destination. Hungarians police moved the Eleizers neighbors through the street without showing them where to settle. Is at this point where Wiesel started developing hatred towards the Germanians.
Eliezer’s family was led to Auschwitz where they were separated from arrival women and men were separated on both left and right at this points they were to be separate even from their children and never see each other again. The soldiers leaving Eilezer took Eliezer’s father away to be in grief and shame as he witnessing his father being taken away.
The hot fire chamber was built where the Jews were to be burned without recognition this made Eliezer lose faith of surviving in this scenario, his father was reciting a poem for dead bodies (Johnson 73). The Jews were traumatized and caught up in a scenario that not only scared them but also made them learn more entailing tragedy of common. Elizers and his father then was transferred to the camp at Monowitz and consequently shifted from the aspect of violence to the condition of searching food.It was only after US immediate action in bombing the camp that brought much comfort to them.
The Germans were also in desperately on the instructions to go for a hot bath and loudhailers. While Wiesel was in desperately for the heat of the water, his father descends into the snowflake just because of the heat he felt from the chamber were taken into. As they were still resting, an alarming sound ringed and the camp lights went off. Eliezer was very tired as he followed the crowd as he followed the crowed to the barracks hence leaving behind his father.
Eliezer was not in a position to look after his father since he was now weak and weary as his father was suffering from dysentery. An officer from making too much noise in the bunk in which they were sleeping at also beat his friend. Eliezer did not found his father in his place of resting this made him develop fear and anxiety towards what wrong that could happen to his father. He was later transferred to children quarter where he was then to stay with more than 600 children in that block. On 11 April over 20000 inmates still inside a resisting movement of the camp attacked the remaining officers and took control to the camp. An American tank arrived at the camp taking full control over the camp, releasing the inmates, and ensuring that the soldiers are taken into custody (Johnson 94).
The tragedy of commons gets attributed to the dynamic environmental factors in this field. Additionally, it stands for the most important resources in the society today these include fish, water, forest, and non-renewable energy such as the source of oil and coal. This perspective can be compared to the Steven Jackson’s illustration in his book “Where Good Ideas Come From.” Jackson spoke about natural things that happen in our environment as the story of the Charles Darwin say about the evolution of human species. (Wiesel et al, 65).
He states that in our lives the only thing, which connects people, is the ideas that we have to approach life in varied view in regardless of where a person comes from or his or background. However, this can also be justified when you look at how an individual may perceive things around him and how people may relate to things they have in their society. He also speaks on seven key that foster innovations in the line of introduction to the way of life they include: the adjacent possible, liquid network, slow hunch ideas brew over time, serendipity, error, exaptation, and platform
At the last stages of the book discussion, he also proposes ways of visualizing the history and the conditions of innovation of particular information. First one has to drill deep into the case-study where you think the reader will interpret and come out with the facts on the message to be passed across (Shipler, David K 45). Second, the person should be able to go wide by trying to do research on varies decades and periods in the innovation. This author also speaks about historical and natural historical innovations that are also depicted the story of evolution to draw parallel to human innovation.
In conclusion, the projection of elucidations to the topic of discussion that is the tragedy of the commons becomes one of the outrageous of the problems of political philosophy, in some of the outstanding systems of power federation is required to settle its collective actions. For instance, governmental regulations have the mandate of limiting the quantity of a common good that can be employed by anyone. The tragedy of common as a perception is always cited in the connection with the sustainable development that has growth in economic development as well as the environmental protection in the data in the global warming menace.

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