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Topic in Instructions

Category: Coursework

Subcategory: History

Level: College

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Words: 275

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American Politics
Part 1
The results from the Pew Research Center show that I am a Dissatisfied Democrat which means I favor the Democratic Part. This means that I believe that the economy favors the interests of the powerful forces. The results also believe that only a small percentage of the American society has achieved the “American Dream, and most individuals will never achieve it.
The results agree with my ideologies to some extent but disagree in some parts. First of all, I agree that the economic inequality in the United States is because it is only the 1% and the 0.1% who seem to benefit from income revenues (Elliot 1). The rest of the people have to fight for the remainder while the rich continue getting the bigger share. However, I disagree with the fact that the government should continue helping the poor at the expense of national debt. An increase in debt will lead to the collapse of the economy which then would affect all the American people.
Part 2
The topic is chosen to research is “San Francisco’s crisis looks like New York’s future” because the topic explains the importance of the media in providing information to the public. According to Marcowics, New York’s choice to become more progressive will lead the city to the ruins like in San Francisco (Marcowics 1). Politicians at times think that the choices they make are for the good of the society but sometimes they hurt th…

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