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Topic I. Bernard of Clairvaux, Stoicism, and Jesus

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Topic I. Bernard of Clairvaux, Stoicism, and Jesus

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Bernard of Clairvaux, Stoicism, and Jesus
Bernard of Clairvaux, Stoicism, and Jesus
According to Bernard, new Chivalry entails that as a Christ knight is any person chosen as God’s agent against those doing evil things and he or she is a beneficiary of both to Christ and to himself. When a Knight dies, he or she is a beneficiary to himself, but when he survives, he is considered to be a beneficiary of Christ (Lansing & English, 2009). He points that when an agent of God is killed, he does not simply perish, but he is considered to have won through until the end of his life. On the other hand, secular chivalry has been defined as some mode of wickedness outright, since Bernard considers it as some sort of unbearable madness that leads a knight into some chivalrous doings that end up being a crime or even causing death (Lansing & English, 2009). In the secular chivalry, knights were fighting for the sake of acquiring wealth such as jewels, silver and gold. In that case, Bernard points that they were indeed rushing towards downfall that was in shameful madness and their idiocy.
Bernard defines Christ Knights as the God’s agents that have been chosen by God and were gathered from different points of earth (Lansing & English, 2009). In addition, they were highly considered as servants that came from the bravest people so as to protect God’s sepulcher with their swords in hand and ready for battle with lots of faith.
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