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Topic choose by writer and the topic must be universal thesis statement about the film V for vendetta in comparison to civil disobedience

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The impact of V for Vendetta film on the future political stability in the UK
V for Vendetta is a well-known and watched dystopian political thriller film with immense social and political significance. The film whose production was in the year 2006 is based on the 1988 film series of vertigo/Dc Comics limited (Keller 2). Wachowski brothers and James Mc Telgue participated in its writing and production respectively. The film is about the unfavorable political or ruling regime in the UK and the fight for freedom including liberty from oppression. It details key events of the neo-fascist regime that subjugated the UK with the aim of averting possible adoption of the style of rule in future (V for Vendetta Trailer (HD).
In the film, V who is a major character advocates for affair leadership where every individual and opposing parties are accorded their fair chance of expression, movement, communication and execution of various businesses (Keller 2). The struggle is against the fascist police state rule by the ruling elite where the political opponent, immigrants, Muslims and other minority groups are subjected to human torture including imprisoning at the concentration camps. The film is highly interesting and educative on how authoritarian leadership or rule can be fought. It also sensitizes people on how to keep the government on the check to ensure that the neo-fascist rule is not introduced in the UK in the near future….

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