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Tools and Techniques for Quality Improvement

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Tools and Techniques for Quality Improvement

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Total Quality Management Philosophy
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Total Quality Management (TQM) philosophy focuses on ensuring that there is quality assurance that mainly involves all the company members. For any company to grow, this philosophy has to be put in place with closer relationships encouraged between the customers, manufacturers, and suppliers (Besterfield, 2014). This does not only improve productivity but also ensures that high-quality products are attained. Mike Warren, the owner of Mike Inc. which manufactures the small molecule drugs, is currently facing a lot of competition from AbbVie Inc. Most of his customers have been complaining about the quality of the drugs ranging from package to their usage. With no proper mechanisms put in place to improve the quality and productivity of the small molecule drugs, Mike stands a chance of losing even more customers thus there is the need for the Total Quality Management philosophy to be put in place.
One of the major reasons as to why I picked Mike Warren is because of the belief that customers’ satisfaction is very key when it comes to company’s growth. When customers keep on complaining about the quality of products they receive from a company, there is the need for the company to start doing its operations differently. TQM philosophy entails that customers determine what is considered to be a good quality. The company should be in a position to structure its systems to be able to create goods…

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