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To writesummary on the article.

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To writesummary on the article.

Category: Coursework

Subcategory: Psychology

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Article SummaryThe study’s purpose was to determine the relationship between the perceived risk and the preference of adopting preventive measures for Alzheimer’s disease (AD). It proposed that people are likely to take precautionary measures when they realize they are at risk for developing AD. The study employed a correlational design aimed at finding the relationship between the risk perceived and the ease in adopting preventive measures for AD. The study used 778 participants (Chung, Mehta, Shumway, Alvidrez, & Perez-Stable, 2009). The research used questions for data collection. The information was then analyzed using multivariate linear regression to ascertain whether there was a relationship between dependent and independent variables. The study found that people do not know the risk factors for AD. The researchers found that people who had high cognition perceived the risk for AD and, therefore, had higher preference taking preventive measures. However, the researchers also observed that people with low perception were less likely to prefer preventive measures for AD. The low preference was due to the lack of understanding of the risks involved or inadequate resources to adopt the precautionary measures.
The study was not without some limitations such as lack of information about the genetic predisposition among the participants. The aspect of genetics increases the chances of one developing AD. The scale (…

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