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To what extent were Native American groups impacted by westward expansion?

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To what extent were Native American groups impacted by westward expansion?

Category: Research Paper

Subcategory: History

Level: High School

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Extent of the impact of the Westward Expansion on Native Americans
The 19th century brought a lot of changes to America and its surrounding soil. One of such events was when white settlers started to expand to the west. The desire to become rich quickly highly contributed to this expansion. There was the idea of wanting to “protect” the native people since they were deemed weak. Before the colonization, there were about 10million native people. But once the establishment and closure of the frontier took place, only 400,000 were confirmed present. The few that remained were subjected to various hardships, (“Bureau Of Indian Affairs (BIA) | Indian Affairs.”). The native people were completely deprived of the social, legal and economic aspects of their lives. Since the Native Americans were viewed as enemies of progress, they were treated with such cruelty. The cruelty that saw the natives live a tough life on their land. Moreover, the changes administered by the Europeans was cultural social, political, and economic. For example, the social aspect of the people changed with time as new ways of living started developing, (“Catalog.Archives.Gov ,” Collison, 6). The traditional Native American dressing changed with time and even the houses that people were living in developed to something else. This paper will examine the changes that have taken place in America ever since the Whiteman started migrating to the land. Hence, we will an…

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