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Strategy for a Business Concept
One of the places the student frequently visits is Hot Coffee Place, a local coffee shop located within the student’s neighbourhood that provides the best place to meet new people. The aim of this paper is to provide a craft of a strategy for a business concept that would offer direct competition with the Hot Coffee Place and hopefully acquire some of the rivals’ most frequent and loyal customers. The new business would be called The Coffee Place and it would endeavour to provide to its customers a welcoming and practical place that would make meeting new people and having coffee more convenient. The Coffee would be distinct from the Hot Coffee Place in the sense that it would provide the necessary services and an ideal environment to make meeting new people not only effective but also easy. The Coffee Place would be arranged in such a way as to offer an environment that eliminates most of the inhibitions that comes in the way of people meeting, and will additionally breed self-assurance of the parties involved thereby making it efficient to hold a meaningful and insightful conversation. The Coffee Place would be the preferred destination for individuals between the ages of twenty-five and forty-five to meet and have coffee.
To achieve more success, The Coffee House will have to understand the forces affecting the market by getting the most relevant information on the market and unde…

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