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Titanic Movie Review

Titanic is a movie that can be viewed from many dimensions. I decide to take it as a good movie. I would like to write about this movie from an entertainment point of view. This is because it is very entertaining and educative. It teaches us several values in life. Caledon at the start of the movie we can hear him say that Titanic was a well-made ship and one of its kind and he was sure that under no circumstance can it sink. He went ahead and told his mother in law the same. During the dinner that they held with the captain and other noble people who were considered as the haves, he could be heard talking more about how good the ship was. But later this all changed, the ship hit an iceberg and it capsized and lots of lives were lost. The whole issue of saying that the ship could not sink did not stop the fact that the ship capsized. The good thing about all these is that when the ship sunk, it seemed that all the people stood together at a certain point and they were all ready to help one another. Those that could use the life boats were given the chance to do that and although most of them died due to the cold in the sea, it was good to see how they all cooperated in this.
The other admirable thing about this movie is the relationship between Jack and Kate which was the main part of this movie. It all started when Kate wanted to kill herself and Jack came and tried to tell her not to do all that and somehow Kate listened to her and she did not do it. Kate later invited Jack to the dinner where Jack sat down with the greats in that ship including Caledon. According to Jack the kind of dinner that they were having there was not what Jack was used to and he was not happy about it. So he talked with Kate and took her to a kind of dance that Jack thought that it was the kind of enjoyment that they were supposed to be having. He gave her alcohol that was so local and Kate seemed to like it and at least she had a change from the usual wine and champagne that she was used to. This went on and Cate was all over Jack and she fell in love with him. This messed up things between Cate and Caledon and he used to get so angry at her. The night when the ship capsized the two were together and they were running all over in the ship. They even took this too far when they messed up things with the security guys of the ship and they were running after them. Jack and Cate were all together during the traumatizing moment of the capsize and even when Cate had a chance of saving her life she jumped back to the ship. They were together until when the ship sunk and they could be seen in the Ocean until Jack decided to let himself die so that he could save Cates life. This is a good lesson of love and it should be emulated by many.
The way that Jack and his friend got a chance to get into the movie was another very entertaining thing. This two had since long ago depended on luck and the gambled everything. It was a life time chance to get into that ship since they could be both back to America which was their home. So they decided to form a small game together with their friend and luckily they got the chance to get into the ship. He first joked to his friend about this but he later told him that they had worn their chance to get into the ship. James Cameron the director of this tried to make it so real that one can see like it was a real thing. The relationship story between Jack and Kate which was very short lived was one of its kinds that started in the ship and ended in water after Jack died. The whole issue of the ship capsizing was made so real that to a point viewers might think that it did happen exactly that was in that movie. The relationship between Kate and Caledon seemed like it was a forced relationship with pressure from Kate’s mother. But with lack of anything else to do Kate was in for it until Jack showed up. The ending part of the movie is where Kate is saved from the sea; this is where she showed a lot of patience in the sea until she was helped. She hid her identity after she was out of the sea because she did not want Caledon to recognize her. Lastly, this movie is amusing since it is a story being given by an old woman who is Cate in present day and she can remember all of it.

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