Time Management

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Time Management
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Twenty-First Century Capitalism

Student Professor Course level Date Twenty-First Century Capitalism Abstract In the modern world the countries with the good economic system, are the ones recognized as rich as the USA, whose economy has been stable. Capitalism is characterized by two realms that are the political and the economic real. The paper is addressing modern capitalism as explained by Heilbroner. He talks about its positive aspects and negative as well. But his ideology is to study the current status of capitalism in the world and help predict the future. He talks about 5 level of the revolution that have led into people assuming a sedentary lifestyle to people having the total luxury. From all the levels, there is...

what are the types of prisons

Types of Prisons Student’s name University Affiliation Types of prisons Introduction Prisons are operated by the state and the federal government. It is a concurrent power under the country’s constitution. The main punishment for the commission of felony offenses is imprisonment. People convicted of misdemeanor offenses and less serious offenders may be sentenced to a short term in local jails, probation, community corrections or restitution. Prisons are operated at various levels of security. It ranges from minimum security prisons to Supermax facilities. The United States has the highest number of people behind bars than any other country in the world, followed by China. Different...


Name Professor's name Course Date Why I would vote for a democratic system of government if I were an American citizen The success of modern societies has largely been hinged on their ability to form organized units of government. Over the years, there various forms of governments such as democratic, dictatorial, monarchical and Aristocratic. If I were an American citizen, the form of government that I would choose would be the democratic one. This is because it has proven to be the most effective one for some reasons. Firstly, they allow the people to have a direct role in how their countries are governed. They do this by electing the leaders that they want. This enables them to choose...

personal essay

Student’s name Professor’s name Course level Due date The darkest day of my life Betrayal, fear, and frustration clouded my mind when my mother told me that they were going to separate with my father. The same day at school I had lost my girlfriend, Angy to my best friend. The semester was coming to an end, and by the flow of events meant I was sure of failing in my examination. . All the relationships I valued were falling apart, and I had to seek for physical relief. My friend Mark offered a relief by taking me to one of his friend’s house parties ten blocks from our house. “Come on! it's going to be a relief, you will get another girl from the party, let’s have fun.” Mark...

analyze your stage of development as a critical thinker using analysis of logic models

College Life – An Enigma Within College Life – An Enigma Within Evolution is a part of human nature and I have also undergone a number of stages of this very evolution. Surely, no one is inherently educated and developed right from the moment of birth. However, it is a slow but steady developmental process that covers span of entire life. I have also gone through numerous changes in my life and have faced different challenges as I have move forward towards the next step of my life. These developmental steps become difficult as the life progresses; rather, I have felt more determined after each step. Getting an admission in college was one of these steps that I had taken in my life....

the three people i would choose to eat dinner with

` Name: Instructor: Course: Date: The three people i would choose to eat dinner with PRESIDENT BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA Given a fortuitous i would like to have ceremonial dinner with the president of United States of America, whom i consider a real leader, patriot and intelligent man.The reason I would want to have dinner with President Barack Hussein Obama is because is the first African American president hence making him one of the very important person in the history of America. Not merely was Obama the first African-American president, he was also the first to be born outer the continental United States. Obama was born in Hawaii. After a two-year spell employed in corporate research besides...

Islam and Christianity

ISLAM AND CHRISTIANITY Islam and Christianity are some of the world's biggest religion. These two religions have their similarities as well as differences, for instance, Christians believe that Jesus Christ was the son of God and their savior while Muslims believe that Muhammad was a prophet of Allah (God). This fact shows that they all believe in one God though they have different names for Him. These two religions have the different basis of origin. Islam was founded by Prophet Muhammad while Christianity was there before the birth of Jesus as explained in the two films from PBS about both religions. This paper compares the early life of Jesus and Prophet Muhammad and their influence in...

Thomas Paine “Commun Sense”

“Common Sense” Origins, Purpose, Values, Limitations Name Institution Introduction This paper gives credible information about Thomas Paine’s book known as “Common Sense" with the focus on its origin, purpose, limitations and values. Origin The book titled “Common Sense” that remains a highly valued work of Thomas Paine was written in the year 1775-1776. The origin of the book or what inspired its writing was the acute imbalance in governance imposed by the colonial masters. The Americans were being treated like third class citizens during the period as they were subjected to harsh colonial rule. The rule did not permit them to enjoy certain fundamental rights such as the right to...

Gender Dynamics in the play A Doll House

Name Instructor’s Name English 102 4/12/2015 Gender Dynamics in the Play A Doll House The title of this play already offers a clue to its theme. The term doll has a deeper meaning than the doll used by children to play. This term is tied to Nora who is cuddled, pampered and patronized just as a kid would to a doll that has no say. The play portrays and distinguishes things that do matter and distinguishes them from superficial things. The play downplays the significance of appearances and perceptions to people. It is a play that shows things are not always as rosy as they are and one has to dig deep to get the real picture of things. From this play there are multiple themes one can...