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Starting with a cliché, time is the healer of all wounds. The related adage is time and tide wait for no-one. The basic concept is the flow of time carries all debris forward, cleansing, healing and making life go on. So since it disperses all energies it does so with both negative and positive, trying to integrate collective consciousness and making one grow detached with more and more experiences, till the core essence is realized and achieved as the state of being.
Time and Collective Time
Time is said to hold all impressions, expressions, patterns, mosaic and tapestry of life, permutations and combinations, within its infinitely divisive nature, thus making each pattern subjectively and relatively, limited to each other, but uniquely and by self perspective, having its own infinity, eternity and absolutism, the last far from being rigid. This absolutism is holding instead in its uniqueness, by being able to filter through all patterns in the realm of existence. It is the basis from which the whole universal or omni-versal or the core essence of whole existence is realized, in its detached form, which the saints, mystics and spiritual masters and leaders and philosophers, monks, saviors and sages say being free from everything, i.e.the total liberation of soul and spirit. Time in its divisions contain all incarnations, each with their infinite patterns, each pattern having its own infinite aspect. This is the personality side of human and whole nature. It contains the…

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