Through using specific quotes from the novel, in what ways is The Old Man and the Sea sexist?

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Through using specific quotes from the novel, in what ways is The Old Man and the Sea sexist?

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Through Using Specific Quotes from the Novel, in what ways is The Old Man and the Sea sexist?
The Old Man and The Sea, a 26,500 words novella by Ernest Hemingway.The novel, published in 1951 merited Hemingway with the Pulitzer Prize for the invention as well as an Award of Excellence at an American Academy of Letters and Arts. The novella is a unique tale about a miserable and old fisherman from Cuba who is in pursuit for a enormous marlin. The novel also had a huge influence as he won the Nobel Prize for writing in 1954. The novel that was written in extra journalistic exposition with little performance and just two main characters is on the double a practical delineation of the occasions and area depicted and a typical investigation of the personal battle with the everyday world, the human ability to rise above hardship, and individual triumph won from defeat. Despite the fact that Hemingway asserted that in the novella he “attempted to make a genuine old man, a good kid, an actual ocean, a real fish and real sharks,” the work is rich in symbolism suggestive of more profound implications than show up at first glance. As Hemingway commented, The Old Man and the Sea is composed on the “rule of the iceberg”: seven-eighths of it is submerged for each part that appears. Despite the triumphs and the entertainment of the novel, it has some sexism as explained in this essay.
Hemingway uses a setting of the ocean and the beach to tell his story but in the story he mentions only a few women. In such a setting more women should be around either just enjoying the beach or just watching the men work. Hemingway only mentions a few women in the story who have no significant role in it. One of these women was the dead wife of the old fisherman, Santiago, whose mention only happens a few times and does not have any meaningful impact on the narrative.
Women play a paramount role in the society either as the supporters of the hardworking men or as the only workers in a community. Hemingway does not show the role of the women in the society in his story as only the men are mentioned to be working. One can only be left to imagine that the ladies in this society were either sluggish and did nothing to help out or that the men were not friendly to their women, so they never let them near them as they went out fishing.
Knowledge is a crucial virtue in human life and without any knowledge people are left to languish in poverty. In the story, Hemingway shows the women as persons of little knowledge as demonstrated by the tourist woman who asks the waiter what the carcass of the fish caught by Santiago was. The attendant answers her that it was a marlin, and the woman gets that it was a shark. This is a clear indication that women in this society did not have knowledge of sea creatures.
In conclusion, the novel tells a fascinating fiction story with no action but it has some aspects of sexism in it. A society without women as created by Hemingway may imply that he had no respect for the women in the society or that he thought women would not fit in his story. Either way the novel depicts women as a weaker race rather than the pillars of the society.

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