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Thoughts on the Post

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Thoughts on the Post

Category: Coursework

Subcategory: Communication

Level: High School

Pages: 1

Words: 275

Thoughts on the Post
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I agree with the assertions of the post because they outline some of the unacceptable, immoral and unethical behaviors that anyone who is working in law enforcement should shun away from. It is with no doubt that the criminal justice system is supposed to be a rehabilitation hub where all persons are coached on how to abide by the law. The police are supposed to maintain law and order in the society with the sole intention of ensuring that citizens coexist peacefully with each other (Anderson & Ichiho, 2017). Law enforcement officers have no jurisdiction to vindicate others for violating the laws that they cannot stand up to.
Law enforcement is supposed to be good roles to all members of the society by ensuring that their actions, behavior, and character reflect those that they instigate. Police officers are supposed to display acceptable behaviors while at work and even while at home. Their role extends beyond the time they are on duty to encompass incidents where they are called upon to address an Issue even while not at work. Furthermore, they need to win the hearts of the citizens if they desire to have a successful relationship with members of the society.
Police officers should display the highest level of professional responsibility by ensuring that they act ethically. They should only apply force when necessary because their primary role is to deter crime rather than inflicting pain or harm o…

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