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Thomas Paine and his pamphlet Common Sense in relation to the American Revolution.

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Common Sense and the American Revolution
Probably, Thomas Paine has been mentioned in almost every scholarly historical text that touches on the American Revolution. He stands out as being a radical yet the most influential writer of his time. He was born in England and immigrated to the United States in the period of 1774. After just two years, he published the controversial pamphlet labeled ‘Common Sense.’ This pamphlet was to change completely the history of the revolution in America. This booklet, considered vastly influential, inspired many of the colonists in America that the time for American autonomy under the British rule was due. No other individual impacted the American people to shifting their tactic from a rebellious spirit to a revolutionary one (Greene and Pole). This essay has sought to critically examine the contents and details surrounding the pamphlet ‘Common sense’ and how it shaped the American revolutionary tactics. Further, this paper has explored the language and style used by Paine and how it influenced people on their approach to fighting against the British rule.
Paine was tactical in applying Common sense as a tool for enlightening people regarding the urgent need for liberation. Importantly, Thomas Paine captured the interest of many people. His works majorly focused on the ideology and the details on how to secede from being a British colony (Hoffman). But of prime importance was his outs…

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