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thical Position Argument

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thical Position Argument

Category: Essay

Subcategory: Ethics

Level: College

Pages: 2

Words: 550

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Ethical Position Argument
In Ethics, there exist arguments that often endorsed by propositions. There are many issues in society that may garner ethical arguments. Some of them include legalization of same-sex marriages, banning of alcohol on college campuses, capital punishment, legalization of marijuana and abortion, among others. Each of these issues holds controversial instances apropos of morals and morality. For instance; there are many drawbacks of alcohol consumption by college students. They include contraction of diseases, disorders, and stunted development, among others (Dowdall 18). This paper will propose banning alcohol use on college campuses.
Consumption of alcohol often leads to addiction hence health complications among college students. The severity of diseases caused by alcohol depends on the amount that is consumed. According to research, alcohol abuse may cause liver problems in college students. The disease affects individuals that are twelve years and above. For this reason, college students are highly prone to complications in the liver. The susceptibility of liver problems is higher in male students than female students. The use of alcohol should be banned on college campuses to avoid health-related risks. Most of the senior students often pressure freshmen to abuse alcohol (White & David 275). It should, therefore, be restricted to all college students; including the older ones.
Consumption of alcohol may also trigger self-harm in most college students. In fact, most of them are prone to alcohol poisoning. These college students do not control the amount of alcohol that they consume. There is succinct evidence regarding the deaths caused by alcohol poisoning. Also, there are cases of suicide and attempted suicide that are instigated by alcohol use. Suicidal thoughts may also lead to depression and stress among college students. Consequently, they consume alcohol to escape reality.
Moreover, alcohol may slow down the academic progress of college students. Research depicts that indulgence in alcohol may stifle the brain’s performance. When certain areas of the brain are cramped, there are high chances of amnesia and memory impairment. A greater percentage of alcohol may result in derangement among persons. As a result, it affects the ability to administer logical thoughts. Students with brain disorders are often underperformers. They lose the ability to grasp simple concepts in school due to abuse of alcohol (White & David 63). Other students fail to attend classes hence they achieve poor grades. For this reason, the use of alcohol should be banned on college campuses.
Most instances of sexual abuse among college students are a consequence of alcohol consumption. Through research, it is salient that alcohol causes aggressive behavior in most people. Such behavior causes male students to rape and assault female students. Unfortunately, they fail to resist such advances during intoxication. Sexual abuse may trigger unwanted pregnancies or sexually transmitted diseases (Dowdall 81). Therefore, alcohol use should be banned on college campuses to avoid such predicaments.
The use of alcohol by college students has also led to death. Besides health problems, alcohol has killed these students in other ways. Research has shown that a great number of students drive under the influence of alcohol. As a matter of fact, there are students that confessed to the accusations of driving while drunk. Most deaths are caused by vehicle accidents that arise from drunk driving. According to research, these accidents have killed a large number of college students. It is, therefore, clear that alcohol consumption should be banned on college campuses.
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