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Thesis statement

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Thesis statement

Category: Essay

Subcategory: Ethics

Level: College

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Words: 275

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Thesis Statement
In a recent study by the Pentagon, there has been a 50% increase in the cases of sexual harassment and rape occurrences in the American army forces. The report indicates that more than 26,000 military personnel were sexually agitated in 2014 alone, with only 3,370 cases being reported (Cooper, 14). Based on this data by the Pentagon, clearly, the subject of sexually related assault incidences in the U.S.A is a significant matter of concern that needs to be addressed keenly and exhaustively. This paper will provide a critical and detailed analysis of the immediate ethical issue concerning the increased cases of rape and sexual assault in the U.S.A army. Also, it will provide a detailed explanation of why the number of the sexual assault incidents are continuously increasing in the American army.
The discussion concerning the ethical issue in this matter will rely on the data from the recent research on the army carried out by the Pentagon concerning sexual harassment in the army. These reports will provide factual data and statistics concerning the number of sexual assault incidents reported in the country’s military. Moreover, together with other materials, this paper will; first and foremost, define the contemporary circumstances relating to sexual harassment issues in the American Army. Secondly, it will discuss the ethical concerns surrounding this issue and its effects on the victims of these …

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