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thesis: I am your American Flag and I have seen many changes throughout my life.

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thesis: I am your American Flag and I have seen many changes throughout my life.

Category: Critical Essay

Subcategory: Computer Engineering

Level: High School

Pages: 2

Words: 550

I am your American Flag I used to be a unifying factor to the nation when it experienced either peace or difficulties. People from different religion, background and race all used to live in harmony and unity knowing they are unified by me. Citizens used to be a team, but currently no one cares about my unifying factor. Racism and discrimination rate is alarming and thriving under my watch, no one cares if they fly the same flag or are from the same country. Invented on January 1776, always celebrated each year on June 14, I am your American flag and I have seen many changes throughout my life.
I symbolize freedom and pride for all Americans. I am celebrated as a dynamic symbol of freedom and diplomacy around the world. Americans used to live in freedom and pride to be associated with America through me, nowadays they careless about diplomacy and freedom. Human slavery and trafficking are on the rise, injustice and racism have taken over our streets, homes and offices. Thousands of American children are left without homes and parental care due to trafficking, the humanity and pride to be American is taken away from them leaving them with hate for the country and flag. Cases of shootings in schools are on the rise, innocent children loose life in schools where we all thought was a safe haven for children. Where did your morals as human beings go? Americans should be an example of positive diplomacy to the world through advocating for peace and freedom to fellow citizens. This can only be achieved through embracing the initial purpose of the flag (Leepson 213).
Many Americans used to display publicly American flags in their cars, houses and offices. I not only used to be a national icon but a cultural symbol too, it’s a shame that nowadays only a few want to be associated with me and acknowledge my importance. Thank you to all veterans and patriots who fully respect and honor my contribution to peace, harmony and stability of this nation. A Recent report shows that on June 2015, more than 11,000 American citizens signed a petition for an inclusion of gay colors [rainbow] in the American flag. This was after the Supreme Court legalized gay rights which is a good thing to all American citizens. However, America has citizens who have the different perception to gay rights hence they shouldn’t be compromised to support what they think is not good or infringes their rights. I have been there since 1776 without discriminating either you gay or not hence the issue of changing my color is not of utmost importance.
Where is the respect that used to being in schools, streets and offices when a flag is raised up or lowered down? Is my importance known to you when you mourn your fellow citizens only? People would stand still when being either lowered or raised irrespective of who you are or where you are. Currently, they care less of any activity associated with me, people have gone ahead to mock me by painting their ceilings and utensils the color of the American flag. Cloths are made with the same colors as the flag by people who don’t know my importance or appreciate the history of the American flag (Rooney and Stephanie 62).
According to Rooney and Stephanie, though change is inevitable, the flag will for sure continue to fly high on your premises, office, businesses and administration blocks. It will always remain the iconic “red, white and blue banner” (140).
Work cited
Leepson, Marc. Flag: an American biography. New York: Thomas Dunne Books, 2006. Print. Rooney, E A., and Stephanie Standish. Stars & stripe: the American flag in contemporary art. Atglen, PA: Schiffer Publishing, 2015. Print.

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