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Theresa Woghiren

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Theresa Woghiren

Category: Critical Thinking

Subcategory: Information Science

Level: Academic

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Words: 550

Critical Thinking
Name of the Student

Critical Thinking
Decision making and Problem solving are key strategies that influence organizational behaviour. Problem solving may be viewed from different aspects like conflict management, creating inclusive environments, inculcating provision of open discussion and debate, and deployment of resources in an optimal way so as to increase productivity or self-performance (Paradies & Unger, 2000). Problem solving involves a five-step model, and each step is interrelated with each other (www.yale.edu). The five-step approach is:
Defining the Problem and Its Causes: This step involves finding the problem and its likely causes
Developing alternative solutions: This step involves finding out different approaches for reacting to the problem from the present situation
Selecting the Appropriate Solution: After evaluation of different approaches, a specific solution is designed to respond to a defined problem. Such a solution is designed keeping in mind the persons involved and the protocol of an organization.
Implementing the solution: The planned solution is executed in a time bound and tangible manner
Evaluating the Outcome: This step is a reflective step that assesses and evaluates the success or failure of the implemented solution. If a solution is successful, it needs to be replicated in future scenarios. On the other hand, if a strategy is unsuccessful one may revisit step (ii), to find alternative solutions.
Problem Scenario: I had impulsive and emotional outbursts in my team when I was appraised lower than others, in spite of my performance and dedicated efforts. I have been a problem solver, during each and every stage of life and always try to evaluate such problems and make a strategy. Hence, I felt that the present situation could be overcome through my problem-solving behaviour.
Defining the Problem and Its causes:
Incorrect appraisal of my performance by my supervisor
Causes that I identified were: – lack of maintenance of documents related to intangible value additions, a self-motivated way of approaching towards performance without lateral sharing of ideas, introvert by nature, and emotional.
Developing alternative solutions: – I decided to document all the intangible value additions that I make in my normal work schedule through text messaging and e-mails to my supervisor, keeping everybody informed regarding my achievements and sharing of best practices, assertive in behaviour while aggressive in mind, keeping other supervisors and different individuals of other verticals aware of my performances, confronting and defending my appraisal in an open and transparent way.
Selecting the Appropriate Solution: The three initiatives that I selected were soft documentation, assertive behaviour and sharing of best practices within my team. The other strategies were not selected because some of the strategies do not suit my character and others either do not comply to the work norms of our company or falls under my job functions.
Implementing the solution: I implemented these action steps for one-quarter of our business period. I was conscious regarding the implementation of such steps, and it never jeopardized either my supervisor’s self-esteem nor eroded my self-respect. Whenever I achieved some success I immediately shared the same with my supervisor; I detailed him of the strategies that helped me to cut the ice. Moreover, in our weekly meetings I shared the best practices with my peers and also provided training on skills that was evident to my supervisor. I also took feedback from him on issues of my interaction with peers and whether I am capable of motivating others for a team performance.
Evaluating the Outcome: Although I initially selected the action steps for a single quarter, the encouragement of my supervisor and my peers I continued my approach for the full business accounting period (Year Till date). My appraisal was not only rated “Outstanding”, but I was provided an opportunity for a Holiday Trip to Nassau.
To conclude, my behavioural actions towards solving the problem above were appropriate. However, I felt sometimes my behaviour or approach was not spontaneous and very monotonous. I would inculcate certain soft skills, to implement my strategy and approach in the coming accounting period.
Paradies, M.W., & Unger, L. W. (2000). “TapRooT – The System for cause
Analysis, Problem Investigation, and Proactive Improvement”. Knoxville, TN:
System Improvements.

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