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Theory of Knowledge

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Theory of Knowledge

Category: Report Essay

Subcategory: Philosophy

Level: High School

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Theory of Knowledge
Theory of knowledge has been seen to evolve as the natural theory of selection. It development is attributed to the evolution of organisms as natural evolution depicts. The theory of knowledge is less the same as the Darwinian theory of selection and hence many authors like using such metaphors like knowledge within a discipline developed in line with the precepts of natural selection theory. Such metaphors have gained a great importance among those in need for the search of wisdom. For instance, it is interesting, and we should believe that only knowledge that is justified and hold the truth in it will survive and hence passed to the future generation. Conversely, the natural selection theory projects that only the strongest organisms survive (Heydorn et al, 39-50). If one area of knowledge is falsified, then it means the justified area of knowledge will take control and survives. Falsified theories of knowledge get superseded by the legitimate and the true knowledge that gets passed and taught to the younger generations.
The above facets justified the importance of such metaphors that most authors always employ in their attempt to search for knowledge. Ideally, the widespread knowledge stands a better chance of being the strongest known. However, other forms or theories of knowledge that have not gained popularity may fade. Human knowledge has evolved and is enhanced by the human’s efficacy to seek…

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