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Theoretical explanations of crime

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Theoretical explanations of crime

Category: Coursework

Subcategory: Sociology

Level: College

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Theoretical explanations of crime
I choose the crime of murder. There is a shootout at two churches based in Colorado. The number of death has grown to five, inclusive of the gunman responsible for the atrocities. Two sisters die in this incident, in 11th November 2007. The black-clad shooter was gunned down by a young female security officer when he entered the church building. She is quickly branded as “real hero…having saved probably 100 lives,” says senior pastor Brady Boyd of New Life, Colorado. There were approximately 7000 persons present in the “mega church” at the time the shooting began.
Using social control theory, we discover that a fellow would commit the same crimes were it not for the societal controls on persons through institutions like churches. The gunman took life of four people in the church and perceived a bad person. The security female guard, while in her duty of protecting the church, succeeds in gunning down the shooter and then proclaimed a heroine, despite committing the same thing. The church perceives those who take innocent life as demanding death, at the hand of whomever faithful churchgoer.
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