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The Vietnam War

The Vietnam War Ann mason’s novel, ‘in the country’ is a story of a young girl in search for a connection with her father who she never knew. The main character of the story, Sam, is a teenager who has just completed high school and isn’t sure of the path she wants to follow forward in her life. In addition to this, Sam also never knew her father since he had left for the Vietnam War before she was born and never made it back alive. Sam has a lot of questions about her dad and intends to seek answers and know more about her father. The description of the environment in this book creates an image that communicates a lot to the reader. The description of the poor condition of the house that Sam...

Race discrimination and racial harassment.

Student Professor Course level Date Race discrimination and racial harassment Racial discrimination is a situation that arises in times when a person is treated or treats another unfairly based on racial considerations. “ Race stands for an individual's color, their citizenship, ethnic background, and nationality ” as indicated in (Light, Ryan, Vincent and Alexandra 41). Racial discrimination may be experienced at the workplace, learning institutions, residential areas, public places, or any other place where services and products are being offered. Racial harassment is any harassing activity carried on someone based on the definition of race above. Racial Harassment comes informs...

Professional Liability

Professional Liability Author’s Name Institution Abstract A medical assistant is an allied health worker who supports the works of physicians, doctors, and other health professionals, usually in setting of a clinic. They perform administrative and clinical tasks to keep the offices and clinics of doctors and chiropractors running smoothly. They play both clinical and administrative roles. They may answer the telephone, greet patients and fill out medical records and update them as needed. They can schedule appointments and handle correspondence and billing. Clinically, medical assistants are often the people who take medical histories, take part in preparation of patients for...

coercive federalism

Name Instructor Course Date Coercive Federalism Coercive Federalism is a contentious concept of government that has seen the central government exercise more authority over its states. This form of leadership is based on a strong centralized government that imposes orders and mandates to the states without necessarily providing funding to implement the said requirements. Subsequently, to receive any grants from the central government, the states are required to follow the mandates laid down. Much controversy has arisen which has led to the straining of relations between the federal government and state governments. Partisan polarization has become the character of coercive federalism. The...

Welfare should be abolished

Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Number Date of Submission Welfare Should Be Abolished In the past, up until the 1800s, the family, the church, individuals themselves and various non-governmental humanitarian organizations were the main agents of providing welfare. These locals ensured that the vulnerable and the less fortunate in the society, which constituted of the elderly, the unemployed, the disabled and the destitute had access to the basic needs; food, shelter and clothing. It was until the 1940s after the Second World War that most developed countries of our current world took up welfare as their responsible and hence the central governments of these countries made welfare...

NASPAA`s key pillars of public Administration

NASPAA`s key pillars of public Administration Name: Institutional Affiliation: Date: The National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration (NASPAA) argue that people can achieve equity for social equity by using the four pillars used in public administration. It points out that equity should be put at the same level of consideration as the other pillars, efficiency, economy and effectiveness when establishing and implementing public policies. Under public administration, the economy is arguably the most scrutinized pillar among the four pillars of public administration. During the discussion on the public expenditure in the public budget, it is expected that the public...

Answer for a question

Why do I Deserve this Scholarship? I could start this dissertation telling you my strengths and my goals in this program. I could cite ran-of-the-mill quotes to show you my apparent will to succeed. Instead, today I shall tell you about myself and my environment, so you do not get an overrepresentation of myself. If I am to start an academic relationship with , it has to be based on honesty and mutual trust. Hence, I shall tell you about my environment. In my work, I am the organizer. I coordinate activities within the office to improve the employees’ relationships and make it a friendly environment for work. We even started a few friendly ping-pong matches five years ago, and it has...

The Use of Pacifiers

Student's Name Instructor’s Name Course Date The Use of Pacifiers Abstract While some products are promoted and marketed to parents are being safe and harmless with the intention of getting the parents to buy, some are dangerous to health and wellbeing of the targeted market. The use of pacifiers, for instance, has generated a heated debate among parents and other stakeholders on their safety, with several studies done supporting the positions of both sides. The documented benefits of pacifiers are that they assist the infants to manage their feelings, remain composed, in addition to giving them a sense of safety. They provide infants with protection against such infections such as Sudden...

Domestic Violence Against Women

Domestic Violence Against Women Domestic violence against women directed by their close associates (Former or current boyfriends/spouses) is a global epidemic in which its existence has a profound emotional, financial, physical and social effects on children, women, the family and the society at large. Recognition of domestic violence against women has been factored on the critical need to combat domestic violence as it is a violation of women’s human rights (Harne et al, 2008). Some people perceive domestic violence as a form of torture, as the effects of it are devastating both physical and psychological. It is important for the whole world to indulge in advocacy programs, reforms that are...