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the zapatista revolution

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the zapatista revolution

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Subcategory: Calculus

Level: High School

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The Zapatista MovementWhen people want something out from their efforts and they want the government to be involved, it is most often than not that they would engage in an uprising that will make it easier for the authorities to hear them out. This is what the Zapatista movement is about. Nonetheless, unlike other groups, the organization hopes to engage in a more peaceful process of getting things done and getting people involved in promoting their idealisms.
Based in Chiapas, which is a southernmost state in Mexico, the organization tries to promote the condition of the agricultural side of the nation. Noting the need of the government to recognize their need to be supported, the members of the Zapatista movement intend to make a definite mark, especially on how their idealisms are supported by the administration. The first movements of the organization were merely based on marches and sit-ins, hoping to get the attention of the people who can do something about the situation, people who can make a difference based on the condition of development that they hope to acquire.
However, in the current years, the most recent movement of the organization involves the need of the revolution to take a chance in including modern technology into the system. The idealisms are the same; to protect the Mexican agrarian industry through shunning industrial developments that directly hurt the said fu…

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