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The walker cup

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The Walker Cup
The Walker Cup
This trophy started when the First World War was beginning with a perspective in the line of animating golf enthusiasm on both sides of America. The sport developed to some extent from the two universal games between Canada and United States, in 1919 and 1920. Meantime, British and American amateurs’ players of the game deliberated every country’s national beginner title an incredible plum. In the meantime, the USGA Decision-making board had been called for to Britain for a chain of gatherings that involved them with the Imperial and the Olden Golf Club at St. Andrew’s regulating Board. The summit was discussing the changes in different rules that govern the playing of the match. Amid the attendance, the present was George Walker, who was the USGA President by then. After the arrival of the Executive Board in the United States, universal group games were deeply discussed. Such a thought engaged Walker that made him display an arrangement and was ready to give a cup. Walker had been a little impaired player and was a stronger supporter of the sport. At the point when the media gave the name to the cup the Walker Cup, the name was positively taken (Harris, 2006).
In 1921, USGA called together all the golfing countries to let their groups to contend for the trophy, yet there was no nation that had the capacity to accept their attendance at the games that year. Americans observed to their main goal, on the other hand, an…

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