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The veterans homecoming

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The veterans homecoming

Category: Critical Thinking

Subcategory: History

Level: High School

Pages: 1

Words: 275

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The Bitter Homecoming
The article, The Bitter Homecoming, by Denis J. Stauffer (1982) explores the experience of a soldier who stays away from the country to fight for his government. The claims in the article suggest that some veterans die on service. It is imperative to say that the pain the soldiers go through make them not only hostile but also resilient. Being a veteran does not make one automatically brave. According to Stauffer, a soldier neither remembers what he went through on the battlefield nor cherishes his work. There is a lapse of unity as a fellow inmate feels betrayed by a fellow veteran. As Stauffer gives a glimpse of a duty revered, the veteran feels isolated from his people.
In the article herein, the populace does not understand what the soldiers intends for the country. They perceive him not worth associating with after being incorporated into this community. According to Stauffer, the military is a duty members of the same family are recruited to. It is ironical that there is very minimal injects by the government in the life of a soldier yet a very important service. Isolation from the family for fourteen years is traumatizing (Stauffer 1). It would be wrong to say that a veteran goes to service a happy person. It is nothing to smile about despite the end celebrations.
After the horrific experience, a veteran is given compensations to make them happy. They are given land and recognition. And for the one who lost his life, it would be a complete loss. In the article, whatever the government would give the family cannot replace loved one.
In conclusion, it is a good demonstration when someone risks life to defend the republic. The society and the government should acknowledge the effort of these veterans. It would be good if both the living and departed soldiers get the respect equal to their service.
Work cited
Stauffer J.D. The Bitter Homecoming. Grand Rapid Press.Washington DC.1982.Print

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