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the value doubt

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Values of Doubt

Values of Doubt
The Oracle of Delphi s revelation that Socrates was the wisest man on earth is one that caught him with surprise. As far as Socrates was concerned, he was not the wisest man on earth because he knew he had his shortcomings confesses to being ignorant of the answers to many questions that he encountered in his life. However, since lying is against the nature of gods, the Oracle of Delphi could not be lying.
Values of Socrates Doubts and importance in making people better, stronger, and free
Socrates set on a mission to ascertain if he was the wisest. Socrates interviewed a politician and a renowned philosopher who were regarded by people and by themselves to have wisdom. An explanation by the Socrates to the two samples of his examination that they thought themselves wise but were not resulted in enmity towards him by the two personalities and those who were around. From the research, Socrates learnt that what the personalities perceived to be wisdom was ignorance. Their belief of wisdom was colored by people s belief that they were wise thus; there were reasons to doubt their wisdom. Socrates was better than his two folks who thought that they knew but did not know. Being ignorant of one s knowledge enables individuals to be open for absorption of knowledge. Individuals who doubt their knowledge live free lives because they do not get offended when their knowledge is questioned. This makes them better people becaus…

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