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The Unrealistic Body Image That Targets Women

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The Unrealistic Body Image That Targets Women
“Body image is the perception one has when looking at their image in the mirror of the mind. The image is based on the belief about one’s appearance connected to various assumptions; the memories one has and other generalizations about one’s body” as indicated in (“National Centre for Eating….” Para 1). The body image is also based on one’s feeling for their body based on their height weight, and shape. Also, the body image is based on how people feel in their body and not just about their body. Unrealistic body image refers to the body types or appearance that women are obsessed with, but they can rarely attain them especially the ones presented on social media as the ideal body for a beautiful and admirable woman. Unrealistic body image (thin) could be based on images on social media, it could be based on mental disorders like bulimia and anorexia nervosa, and self-perception about others’ images or appearance.

Media is the platform that sensitizes people to the ideal body images that are attached to the value of attractiveness. For instance “in the USA more than 80 percent of Americans, what television on a daily basis for at least three hours” as shown in (“Media, Body Image, and……” para 1). Media have always popularized thin body as the ideal images that are thought to be attractive. This could be responsible for the widespread dissatisfaction among women with their body image. The group affected most…

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