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the three people i would choose to eat dinner with

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the three people i would choose to eat dinner with

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The three people i would choose to eat dinner with
Given a fortuitous i would like to have ceremonial dinner with the president of United States of America, whom i consider a real leader, patriot and intelligent man.The reason I would want to have dinner with President Barack Hussein Obama is because is the first African American president hence making him one of the very important person in the history of America. Not merely was Obama the first African-American president, he was also the first to be born outer the continental United States. Obama was born in Hawaii. After a two-year spell employed in corporate research besides at the New York Public Interest Research Group in New York City, Obama moved to Chicago one the states i love so much in the United states, where he took a job as community planners with a church-based group the Developing Societies Project(Alter, Jonathan,48). For the following few years, he operated with low-income citizens in Chicago’s Roseland communal on the city’s mainly black South Side. This showed how humble he is, and the fact he referred to the experience as the best education he ever got, better than anything he got at Harvard Law School makes me adore him and look forward to every speech and words he speaks.
I love Obama, I know he’s a pronounced President, I deliberate he’s doing a great job. But I’d like to have dinner with him because i think our conversation…

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