the theme of power in The Trial by Franz Kafka

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the theme of power in The Trial by Franz Kafka

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The Theme of Power in The Trial by Franz Kafka
Bureaucracy means the systematic arrangement of a rigid administrative structure. It is also described as the establishment of procedures and formal rules that have to be followed when undertaking the activities of an organization. The bureaucracy is simply where the authority is laid down in hierarchy order with few people at the top and many people at the bottom.More so it is where the people at the top have more authority and those at the bottom with less authority.
The courts are set in a systematic way in a hierarchical manner from the lower courts going up to high courts or supreme forming a pyramid. The court system is arranged in such a way that one is supposed to follow procedures when claiming for justice. The court system is bureaucratic as it has already established procedures, rules and regulations when one is lodging a trial. The court system has those courts at the highest level having more authority over those courts at lower levels. The lower level courts have no say over the rulings of higher courts. The higher courts are lawmakers in the eyes of the lower courts or they have the sole decision of passing judgment.
K has to follow the rigid levels of courts that bureaucracy puts them outside the walls of making the judgement.The higher top officials at the higher courts have more authority than those at the lower courts. The courts that K follows their representatives ends up with repeating and issues with no ever found solutions and never come up with ultimate decisions as they are in the corridors of waiting for the authority of higher level courts.The levels rather put defensive views as they follow the bureaucracy of the court pyramid.
The court system comprises of different people as described in the case of K.Such people may include the Attorney, chief clerk, lawyers, court attendant, director of court, priest as the Champlain of the court, lower judges, higher judges, agents like those that arrested Josef K, advocate, maybe workers in the court and those that observe law on the side of the administration. Apart from those we have those claiming for justice or maybe those lodging trials in the courts as in the case of K he is the defendant in the trial he is suspected in a case that he doesn’t know. There is always those that the court system serves and those that wait and never get justice.K is surprised to meet someone by the name Block in the lawyers office who has always sought for justice for five years without getting justice.K is surprised to the reason for Blocks case delay. Too much dependence on the lawyers. Block is left with nothing once being a wealthy man turned to a poor man.This is all because of the bureaucratic court system.
The top of the court system is comprised of Attorney, Chief clerk, judges and top officials at the highest level as revealed in the trial of K. These top officials are unidentified and K is surprised at how things turn out as he follows the several levels of the court system. These people are inaccessible as K has to depend on the lawyer and other means such as sexual affairs with the peoples who turn out to be mistress of the advocate as K sleeps with Leni.K is seduced by the wife of the court attendant.K job in the bank goes bad as his clients learn the case of K.The top officials are friends with the lawyers as the K lawyer says he has so many connections with those at the top. The question that revolves is will the top officials help K and ruin maybe the fee that the lawyer gets from K.The law is also inaccessible and bureaucratic and hinders k from the facts of the matter.
The people at the top understand the law than the person at the lower levels which adds to the power of the few.K is limited with the law itself. The priest looks to know the bureaucracy in the court system as he advises K to accept all that has happened to him. It is surprising that Titorelli acquires the position of a court painter as the inheritance from his father. This basis how corruption is in the deep roots of the court. The result of too much authority and power at the hands of people at the top controls the whole idea of justice as justice rests with them. Corruption is accelerated behind the scenes of court and in totality mankind is left with no hope wherever in the world.
In conclusion, the concentration of authority at the top and bureaucracy of courts leaves people seeking justice their own victims. It is a desperate situation, especially to the many that are disadvantaged in the ways of the court, are expensive.K as an example of mankind becomes the victim of his trial in search of the bureaucratic court system and law to save him.

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