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the theme of power in The Trial by Franz Kafka

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the theme of power in The Trial by Franz Kafka

Category: Assignment

Subcategory: Classic English Literature

Level: High School

Pages: 3

Words: 825

Course: Literature
The Theme of Power in The Trial by Franz Kafka
Bureaucracy means the systematic arrangement of a rigid administrative structure. It is also described as the establishment of procedures and formal rules that have to be followed when undertaking the activities of an organization. The bureaucracy is simply where the authority is laid down in hierarchy order with few people at the top and many people at the bottom.More so it is where the people at the top have more authority and those at the bottom with less authority.
The courts are set in a systematic way in a hierarchical manner from the lower courts going up to high courts or supreme forming a pyramid. The court system is arranged in such a way that one is supposed to follow procedures when claiming for justice. The court system is bureaucratic as it has already established procedures, rules and regulations when one is lodging a trial. The court system has those courts at the highest level having more authority over those courts at lower levels. The lower level courts have no say over the rulings of higher courts. The higher courts are lawmakers in the eyes of the lower courts or they have the sole decision of passing judgment.
K has to follow the rigid levels of courts that bureaucracy puts them outside the walls of making the judgement.The higher top officials at the higher courts have more authority than thos…

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