The Taliban in Afghanistan

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The Taliban in Afghanistan

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The Taliban in Afghanistan
In Afghanistan, the Taliban is a fundamental political movement that incorporates all Islamic people. The movement has gained popularity as it paves its way throughout the country forming a system of ruling and government. The group had ruled the Afghanistan from the year 1996 to the year 2001 when the United States troops invaded the nation with the aim of maintaining security due to issues of Osama bin Laden and Al-Qaeda. As a result, the Taliban formed other groups to replace the destroyed ones across the border in Pakistan. In Pakistan, the group is led by Mullah Mohammed Omar, who forms the central leadership. Also, he has arranged the attack against Kabul’s western situated government. To solve the problems with the Taliban, the United States, and the Afghanistan entered in a negotiation that was seen to yield no results. Therefore, the two groups decided to send military combat starting from December 2014 and withdraw the operations in 2016. The main aim of the operations is to neutralize the Taliban as well as setting people free. The Taliban emerged as a response to social and political vagueness in Afghanistan. How they gained and maintained control and how they adapted over time. Will the Taliban regain control in Afghanistan and what will that look like?
How did the Taliban garner support and how they have adapted to maintain their popular support? The rise of the Taliban can be traced from the southern Afghan City of Kandahar. It was a movement formed by the Pakistani religious college graduates. The main objective of the intellectuals is to eliminate the political wrangles that were ongoing in all over the Afghanistan and as well replace them with a cool system that will interpret the Islam without corruption or discrimination. While they remained undercover, 30 trucks got hijacked on their way to Pakistan from the Southern Afghanistan. To act, the Taliban went to rescue the trucks. Therefore, all people related the rescue with honest, devoutly and fierce Islamic. Some activist and historians tried to write about the Taliban. They are considered as the savior of law and order that was long gone among the Afghanistan. They reconciled people and turned them to their normal ways of living. Also, they cleansed the whole country by giving Islamic laws a new meaning; the Pakistan supported them and, as a result, they are considered the base of their success. The Pakistan helped them with firearms and other techniques of fighting and hence strengthening their military systems.
What steps did the US and the government of Afghanistan take to remove the Taliban? The two forces are targeting to eliminate all the resisting Taliban through killing. Moreover, they want to design their system to always be ahead of the Taliban. They want to identify all their actions and aiming targets and as a result respond by neutralizing them before. Have those steps worked? So far the forces have started sweeping away the Taliban. However, the steps are facing challenges since most people have trust on the Taliban.
Will the Taliban regain control in Afghanistan and what will it look like? Currently, Afghan officials indicate that they have regained control over some parts like the northern city of Kunduz from the Taliban. However, the Taliban still claims control over the largest part of the city. Regarding leadership, the Taliban has achieved a lot from helping people, joining communities together and even rescuing the old laws that were buried due to lack of strict authorities. Therefore, they changed the face of the Afghanistan; people started living in peace as the group gained more popularity. The public opinion also suggested love, honest and trustworthy among the community. The majority of the people believed in their actions and always thought of them coming to help rather than to destroy the society morals.
In conclusion, though the Taliban collided with several groups of people as they made their way to the top, their main aim was to help people. Also, due to their popularity other states considered them influential and hence impacting them with acts of killing and destroying people’s lives. In real sense, Afghanistan knew the objectives of the Taliban and hence convincing them otherwise was not easy; they renewed the country from its misery.

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