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The subject of your essay for this course is “Changing Our Lives.” In your essay, you will address why you decided to go to college at this time in your life and state the three reasons behind your decision.

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Changing Our Lives.
I. First Main Point: Pursue my passion and gain more knowledge. A. Supporting Detail 1: College provides an opportunity for the student to learn more about their passion. A student can enroll in a course that is in line with their passion and land a degree on that course (Hutching 68). B. Supporting Detail 2: I would gain more knowledge about my passion and have more ability to do my job than someone with a high school diploma. Consequently, I would be more qualified to handle a particular job. II. Second Main Point: Make connections.   A. Supporting Detail 1: When a person is in college, someone gets to meet people that are in the same field. Consequently, one gets to talk with them and know more about the field and the challenges one will experience in the workplace. One will also learn the importance of working as a team. B. Supporting Detail 2: People gain more social experience when they are in college. People learn to be more mature in college and learn more about the real world including the challenges they will experience.III. Third Main Point: Making more money. A. Supporting Detail 1: People from graduate school earn more income than other people who did not go to college and only hold a high school diploma. According to studies, people holding a high school diploma make around $500 a week while those with a college diploma earn around $1100 a week. B. Supporting Detail 2: Employers take people…

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