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The Study of History

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The Study of History

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The Study of History
History is not only an interesting subject but an important one, as well. History has much to tell as it has to teach. It has immense inspiration and influence. History constitutes the basis for nearly all other disciplines, especially in the humanities. Nevertheless, the manner in which history is taught has led to its near-demise, with many students beginning to loathe the subject. The study of history no longer holds a place of importance. This is regrettable, given that history plays an important role in knowledge creation and citizen engagement.
History teaches people to analyze economic, social, and political trends of the past, which imparts to us the skill to analyze similar trends in the present. Stated differently, the is no way of predicting the future but from the past, and studying history enables us to examine the past and present better, and plan for the future, as well. Learning about history need not be boring and mind-numbing. One only needs to watch television series such as Game of Thrones, Vikings, The Tudors, The Borgias, and Rome to realize how interesting the study of history can be.
While history is a very important subject, most curricula in history typically focus on memorization. Never in my academic experience have I been challenged to reexamine the manner in which history works. I used to dislike history because I felt it was all about memorizing dates and names in an endeavor to obtain a good grade. In addition, on most occa…

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