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the Son By Lois Lowry

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the Son By Lois Lowry

Category: Book Report

Subcategory: Religion

Level: High School

Pages: 7

Words: 1925

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The Son by Lois Lowry
What does Lame Einar means when he tells Claire “it is far better, I think to climb out in searching for something instead of hating what you are leaving.
From the quote, Einar meant that Claire should plan and prepare herself to climb the wall out to the village and find his son. He was aware that Claire hated the village for denying her the right to have her son and nurture him. Einar wanted Claire to stop hating on the community she was currently and focus on improving her survival skills so that the quest for climbing the cliff to reach her son would help her move out of the abominable village. Einar had realized that Claire was so determined to get her son back to herself and that internal pressure is a kind off guarantee that she will work hard and achieve the skills required to climb the cliff. For that reason, Einar in a voice of certainty tells her to focus on building up the necessary zest for the arrangement and stop wasting time and energy hating on the place she will be soon leaving. Hate takes the toll on people’s emotion and Einar though wise to invest the same energy in training in preparation for the cliff climbing mission.
How is love stronger than hate?
In chapter 5, we are introduced to Claire, who has already secured a position as an assistant at the nurturing center. She was experiencing a dreary, monotonous life; waking and preparing to go to the nurturing center for the same routine. She was not happy about that position but the motherly love she was feeling for her some keep her patient. At first she had heard about her son (product 36) at the birth center from fellow birth mothers or vessels as called. She had some complication and was decertified from completing her birth mothership. Birth mothers gave up to three births before they were assigned to different positions like farming in the community. Out of the strong love she had for her unseen son, she had to search for Sophia. She heard about her during her son’s birth process and was willing to volunteer in the nurturing cent in anticipation of seeing her son someday. Out of love she made a request to becoming over the center to visit and the idea is not taken well but the male attendant grants her a casual permission to visit. Claire knew she had now an expanded chance to see her son more often than ever. In the communities they were confined, they were given pills they inhibited their capacities to have feelings or emotions. During her childbirth, the birth attendants forgot to give her the pills, so she started to develop feelings and emotions. She now yarns to see and hold her child a motherly love that came in a form of feeling she could not explain, she had never experienced such a feeling and so she had to ask many questions to understand what she was going through.
She starts to ask what families meant and siblings, in desperate need to understand her feelings especially towards product 36. Claire has been attending the children handing over the ceremony to the respective applicants and finds the experience boring same to other audiences, due to its monotony. She finds the event too monotonous since she realizes that product 36, her son, will not be handed over to any family due to developmental issues and finds it pleasant to stay in the nurturing center where she would maximize time with her son. Motherly love is strong enough to make all activities even those for pleasure to lose her interest in such activities. Now the man at the nurturing center declares that he has two children, which they had applied for and that trying to use for product 36 into their family will be inappropriate. In their communities, families are made of a specific number of children applied at first and reapplying for an extra would course a marriage wrangles. Claire gets more invitation in the morning and evening to have time with her son. Out of love her son has started to notice her and smiles to recognize her presence. She is happy about it and feels proud that he has grown and has begun to learn to walk.
Jonas father has become more comfortable with Claire and has advised her to come to the nurturing center to play with product 36. The offer fills Claire with a lot of joy. As she had a casual chat with Jonas father, she was told that the reason why product 36 could not be assigned to the family was because he doesn’t sleep at night. His sleepless nature at night would disturb the family to which he would be assigned. As a mother out of love, she looked away and cried. The crying left the assistant at the nurturing center why would a person cry over another, they were never used to human having such great attachment to other persons to move their emotions into tears. Probably Claire did not realize that she was crying out of hearing what his son felt went through due to his nature, of which he had no idea about. She also cried because she realized she could not be assigned his son or even when she was offered the chance, she would not be in the capacity to handle his needs. She noticed that as the products grew so was their needs.
Claire is talking with her work mates about the function of the pill they are taking daily. They are not aware of the function, but Claire gives an explanation through her experience without it. She states that without taking it was the basis of her new feelings, and that’s how she described love. Miriam one of her coworkers agrees and says the pills prevent them from being pregnant, and she says she will try not to take the pill so she could be pregnant wherever she wants and not what the community management prescribes. She says that during the development of the product in her good feelings overflows her body and that she is willing the have the product develop inside her. Suzanne comes with a slightly contrary opinion but whispers since she doesn’t want to be the only one against the other girls. She says that after birth and taking pills session in preparation for the next production, the feeling is horrible. But she concludes that it doesn’t last for long, and the most part is enjoyable. This conversation shows that she had stronger love feelings for the pregnancy and pills as compared to the hate.
Discuss how Alys understand a mother’s love even though she is not a mother herself
Alys was an old midwife by profession; she had taken care of Einar after his mother’s death. She had helped many vessels deliver at the birth center but had no child or product of her own. She had attended Claire, and so they were not strangers. She saw how Claire was eager to know the sex of her product and at least see her, but she was denied the permission. Alys could see how mothers were distressed about the idea of just giving birth and not capable of seeing the child, and this was discomforting, but they were the rules in the community they lived. She had delivered many babies some died, some were born with deformities and survived, but some died later as they grew. Following all those experiences, she assumed that she had seen and heard the most dangerous experiences and so was not scared of any situation and had learned to value other persons. Einar and Claire were discussing and planning about the cliff climbing idea and until she heard Clair planning to climb is when she opened her mouth to speak against it. As a mother, she warns Clair and asks Einar whether he want to break Clair’s leg like he did his. She tells Claire that she would die if she climbs the cliff, showing that she had established a motherly attachment to her and that her death would make her sad. She founds it her motherly duty to warn her of the impending danger that waits although she was in the quest of getting her son. Alys asked Claire whether she had shown her son, product 36 her birthmarks that she went through the c- section and with the guilt she accepts. Alys voices came with disappointment showing that the image of the marks would make the child feel distressed, and it would not increase the bond between Claire and her son. Claire explains that the son was comfortable following the explanations of the marks origin although due to his tender age could not understand.
Alys helped deliver Bryn’s child, and the baby wails a lot, she understand that only a motherly embrace will stop the sobbing. Before she was walking with Caire in the cold and Bryn’s child approaches her and tell Alys that her mother is in seething pain and have requested for her services. She tells her run child in a lovely motherly manner, to announce that she will be arriving in a short time. She hands the baby to her mother and the baby calms. She tells her the baby was crying because it was out, and the world was harsh as compared to the womb it was staying. Alys used the phrase the baby is out in the wolves to signifying the dangers of the world lingering and the newborn had detected that already. Claire saw the automatic response of Bryn’s baby of keeping calm and facing the breast to suckle and tears flowed down her cheek. It was an emotional moment as a mother especially now that she never had the chance to suckle her son. Alys was touched too in that situation, and her response was to keep busy with collecting and trying to clean her working tools. This response is automatically out of motherly love although she had never had a child of herself. She was a woman and had interacted with many mothers and children, and this experience was enough to induce motherly emotions and reactions.
After the crying and all the emotional moments, Claire asked Alys to examine her scar although it had been years after her delivery. She was shocked to realize that she had such a big scar out of the wound. The response shows some element of not only professional both also motherly concerns. She tells Claire that the wound size was a death risk. Claire explains that she felt no pain during the process but still Alys wondering is not entirely quenched until she told Alys that they used special drugs to ensure the body does not detect pain
In conclusion, the question addresses the theme of love, attachments and relations as illustrated by the works of Lois Lowry. Love becomes the driver of most of the actions and outcome in the writing. The community has been conditioning its members so that they may not respond to their emotions anytime to ensure they are not in charge of their destiny. The sacrifices that Claire had to make just to retrieve her son were out of love. She had to train heard despite the dangerous mission but her focuses were the ultimate goal of seeing her child. Alys out of long-term interaction with women in her midwife occupation has made her develop motherly love and emotions. She is capable of understanding how a woman would respond when their child is I need to their help. Out of love and concern her son helped redeem her youthful looks that she had traded to be shown the location of her son.

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